Business Legal Solutions

Corporate, Foreign Investment and Transactions.

In Arrubla Devis Asociados we guide companies during all the stages of their life cycle, offering security and assurance to shareholders and managers.

Even before a company´s operation begins, business projects generate multiple requirements in the legal field. Our professionals have extensive experience in the structuring of investment and corporate models and provide guidance in the establishment and managing of a company in Colombia. With the beginning of operations, the relationships of a company with its clients, suppliers, employees, shareholders, state entities and other groups of interest multiply. Each of these relationships require contractual guarantees and, in many cases, must fulfill a series of legal requirements of corporate, foreign investment and regulatory nature, among others. Our firm provides permanent support in these processes and in all other legal matters that permanently demand professional, efficient and effective assistance.

Finally, the evolution of a business may imply other relevant corporate situations, such as mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, bankruptcy and liquidations. To operate these scenarios from a legal standpoint, it is essential that the professionals of the firm have an extensive understanding of the business. In Arrubla Devis we understand this component in order to offer the appropriate legal solutions.