Resolution of legal conflicts


It is increasingly more common for entrepreneurs to resort to arbitration in order to resolve their commercial controversies.

The specialty and acknowledgement of the arbitrators, the promptness and confidentiality are some of the attributes that make arbitration more appealing for the modern businessperson. However, this procedure of private justice also entails important challenges that must be entrusted to experts that have participated in the different tasks that domestic and international arbitration offer. In Arrubla Devis Asociados we have a team of professionals that have partaken in multiple arbitration processes in Colombia and abroad, both as arbitrators and attorneys, as experts in law Under the leadership of Jaime Alberto Arrubla Paucar, renowned arbitration practitioner in our country, a sought arbitrator in different arbitration centers, and doctrinal authority in the subject, the arbitration team of Arrubla Devis Asociados guarantees the structuring of the best legal strategies, as well as the most adequate development of the arbitral process. .